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Aug 22 16

Slimmer documentatie publiceren met FrameMaker

by Wim

Produceert u technische documentatie met Adobe FrameMaker of gaat u hiermee beginnen? Wilt u snel wegwijs worden in dit softwarepakket voor content authoring en de belangrijkste functies en gereedschappen leren gebruiken? Kies dan voor onze workshop FrameMaker voor technisch schrijvers.

Wanneer     : 20 & 21 september 2016
Waar          : Tiel

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Apr 18 16

DITAToo videos

by Wim

We assembled some videos to show you the features of DITAToo.

DITAToo DITA CMS doesn’t require big budgets and weeks to be deployed. Installation and initial configuration will take you no more than 30 minutes. And after installation is done, working with DITAToo is easy!

For inquiries, pricing, ordering or trial versions of DITAToo mail to

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Mar 16 16

Assembling and branching a project with DITAToo

by Wim

We’ve recorded a new video that explains how you can assemble existing DITA topics into a new deliverable directly in DITAToo DITA CMS, without even using a DITA editor.

The video also shows how you can create a new project based on an existing project. read more…

Feb 17 16

DITAToo DITA CCMS + FrameMaker = Complete Authoring, Publishing and Management Solution for DITA

by Wim

When you are using FrameMaker as your DITA editor, you are getting an all-in-one solution for authoring and multi-channel publishing.

Vraag vandaag nog een demo aan of een uitgebreid, vrijblijvend voorstel  !

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Feb 7 16

Training Framemaker voor Technisch Schrijvers

by Wim

Samen met Foxiz geeft iDTP in 2016 een serie trainingen voor Technisch Schrijvers.

20 en 21 September 2016: tweedaagse training FrameMaker. Inschrijven kan hier.

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Feb 7 16

Training XML-DITA voor Technisch Schrijvers

by Wim

Samen met Foxiz geeft iDTP in 2016 een serie trainingen voor Technisch Schrijvers.

Training XML-DITA. Aanvragen kan hier.

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Dec 10 15

DITA in One Day

by Wim

If you have a zero experience with DITA, but want to get started quickly, join us at the DITA in One Day training. This is an intensive full-day workshop packed with practical information and valuable advices that you can start using right away. By the end of the training day, you’ll be able to author and publish DITA content, as well as implement basic single-sourcing techniques in DITA.

No date set yet for 2016 – send a mail to for information about pricing and availability

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Aug 23 15

DITAToo User Day 2015

by Wim

September 10th, 2015

On Thursday, September 10th, in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, we are conducting our second European DITAToo User Day. Join us and meet a community of our European users and DITA practitioners to share experience and learn how other companies implemented DITA and DITAToo DITA CMS, and to see how else you can use DITA.

The User Day is organized by iDTP and Intuillion and is hosted by Planon Software.

Entrance is free but please reserve your seat! read more…

Jul 19 15

Mastering Your Documentation using DITA

by Wim
Domtoren Utrecht

How to Effectively Organize and Manage Projects, Versions, and Translations

Together with partner Intuilllion, iDTP presents a special training for managing DITA projects.

We did this training in 2015 and June 2016 and received great responses.

No date planned yet for autumn 2016. If we get enough applicants we’ll set a date.

Date: tba
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Costs: €350, incl. lunch.Apply now: email to


This 1-day course is intended for those technical communicators who are already familiar with DITA or are in the process of starting with DITA and want to improve their efficiency in organizing and managing DITA content. read more…

Dec 9 14

Information Energy 2015 – content as a service

by Wim

… how to turn (big) data into information and information into knowledge …

We are living in the information age. Information is all around us. You are a professional involved in providing information or delivering means to others to let them provide information.

Join us at the upcoming Information Energy conference to share your vision, show your use case and connect with other front runners of the information era.
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