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DITA Content Collaboration Platform

by Wim on August 29th, 2010

“Sharing knowledge–that’s what’s so great about all the ways you can connect with others and collaborate on the Internet. Reusing that knowledge in other ways is another story. Here is how the DITA Content Collaboration tool lets you create and use your knowledge quickly and easily!”

I had a webmeeting yesterday with Don Day and Doug Morrisson about the DITA Content Collaboration Platform Project.

This web site demonstrates a new kind of collaboration tool–one that anyone can walk up to and use without having to know wikitext or HTML. As a bonus, it uses DITA under the covers, which makes your content vastly more reusable in the World Wide Web!

The DITA Content Collaboration site demonstrates the ability to render and edit DITA as live content in a wide variety of layouts and application scenarios. The DCC tool itself enables individuals and companies to set up DITA-based knowledge capture solutions starting from “free and good enough” on up to custom implementations.

Don gave a demo for the OASIS DITA for the Web Subcommittee, and announce on Yahoo dita-wikis that he will start giving public demos leading up to code donation in the September timeframe.

More to come ….

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