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DITA for Publishers project

by Wim on October 11th, 2010

The DITA for Publishers project is an open-source, community project to enable the quick and productive use of DITA by Publishers. Enabling activities include:

  • Providing generic DITA specializations for common publishing document components, including publishing-specific map types and domains (“pubmap”, publication map domain, publication metadata domain), topic types (“article”, “chapter”, “subsection”, “sidebar”, “part”), and domains (“formatting domain”, “classification domain”, etc.).
  • General-purpose Open Toolkit plugins for generating EPUB and Kindle electronic books from any DITA map.
  • Providing DITA Open Toolkit plugins with HTML, PDF, EPUB, and Kindle rendering support for the D4P specializations.
  • Providing tutorial and how-to guidance to Publishing users of DITA.
  • Providing a transformation framework and Open Toolkit plugin for converting styled Word documents to DITA.
  • Providing a transformation framework and Open Toolkit plugin for generating InCopy and InDesign documents from DITA content.
  • Host additional DITA-related tools specific to or of significant value to publishers when those tools need a home.
  • Provide an open forum for gathering Publishing-specific requirements for the DITA standard and its supporting tools, in anticipating of the eventual formation of a Publishing subcommittee within the DITA Technical Committee.
  • See the DITA for Publishers User Guide for detailed information on how to use the DITA for Publishers components.

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