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What is DITAToo

by Wim on June 8th, 2011

DITAToo is a Lego® constructor for content. Just as the Lego® constructor lets you reuse the same bricks again and again to construct different toys, DITAToo allows you to assemble the same chunks of content into different documents. For example, from the same set of chunks, your technical writers can assemble product documentation while your sales staff can create a technical part of a sales proposal.

These are a few examples how DITAToo can be used in your organization:

  • Technical writers extensively reuse information across multiple products, releases, types of product documentation, output formats, customers, and so on. In addition, content in technical documentation often needs to be conditionalized to reflect content variations. With DITAToo, technical writers can access the DITAToo content repository, quickly find content they need, rearrange it as required, check in which deliverables each content chunk is reused, update content, and publish to a deliverable of their choice.
  • Sales representatives who are responsible for proposals and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) often need information that has already been created by a variety of departments and writers within the company, including technical writers. In addition, proposals for different customers can contain both the information common for all customers and customer-specific content. Using DITAToo, a sales team picks up the content they need in the DITAToo content repository, rearrange it as they need for a proposal,  apply customer-specific content filters to exclude irrelevant information, and generate an attractively looking sales proposal.
  • Marketing that wants to include a product description into a brochure or publish a features list on a company’s website can use existing content from a user manual. Because DITAToo lets reuse content on a very granular level, a marketing staff can easily find the few sections they need in the DITAToo content repository, rearrange these sections to make them fit a marketing document to be produced, choose a skin they want to apply, and publish.
  • OEM partners usually expect product documentation customized to their specific needs both in terms of content and look-and-feel, especially when they rebrand your products. With DITAToo, they can access the content repository with limited privileges, find the content they need, rearrange it as required, and output to a format they want.
  • Customer service needs to provide documentation to customers calling in. This documentation needs to be assembled for each particular customer to help them resolve various problems. Instead of wasting time trying to find information in product documentation and doing “copy-and-paste” work to assemble new customer-specific documents, customer service can use DITAToo to find relevant piece of information, assemble them into customer-specific deliverables, and generate an output format required by the customer.

In all these cases, DITAToo allows you to save a tremendous amount of money thanks to the ability to find and reuse content that already exists rather than wasting time on search and recreation of information.

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