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Workshop: eXact learning solutions explains the DITA XML standard

by Wim on April 23rd, 2012

The global vendor of online and mobile learning content management and digital repository solutions, eXact learning solutions will run a workshop to explain the new learning and training documentation standard from the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) group at OASIS, which is driving XML content formats convergence in technical training and documentation fields.

The workshop will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on 7th June as part of NLDITA Information Energy 2012.

eXact learning solutions is also running a series of webinars outlining the DITA standard. The first webinar is scheduled for 16th May.

During the workshop, theory is combined with practical hands-on sessions using the new XML DITA content authoring and management plug-in for the eXact LCMS and eXact Mobile platforms to produce state-of-the-art SCORM and AICC materials for online and mobile learning.

The demonstrations will show authors how to import DITA documentations within their learning design processes, cross convert DITA legacy to AICC or SCORM-based formats and embed DITA documentation within online and mobile learning content delivery processes bringing the right information just in time to field based operators and learners.

The webinars and workshops aim to help delegates to understand how DITA benchmarks with SCORM, DocBook and other standards known to the instructor-led training (ILT) and web-based training (WBT) communities – and learn how these communities can benefit from DITA’s adoption and master its limitation.

“In planning the contents of their technical training materials, for example, instructional designers need to cope with the fact that 90% of the input materials come from different sources – typically their organisations’ product engineering and design departments,” explained Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of eXact learning solutions North America.  “These sources use different content authoring and exchange standards from those understood by their learning and publishing colleagues.

“To date, ’cut and paste’ and content re-creation has been the only way to cope with this misalignment . This introduces high levels of errors, low levels of content re-use and high costs for content re-production.

“The DITA standard is an interoperability strategy which attempts to reduce the complexity of this multiple source, multiple outputs scenario,” he said. “In recent years, OASIS the US-based, not-for-profit consortium for the advancement of structured information standards for the global Information Society – has been addressing this issue  and has made a great step forward with the release of the new DITA learning and training documentation .

“Many corporate CIOs and CLOs are now asking for DITA compliancy from suppliers in addition to AICC and SCORM,” he continued. “This explains the increasing need to support the wider re-use and sharing of technical documentation sources within and across organisations’ design, engineering and training departments.

“After years of helping to define and write the AICC, SCORM and IMS standards, we now support the OASIS efforts in this field – and so, as part of our commitment to inform and educate the learning technology marketplace throughout Europe and USA, we’re organising this series of free webinars and workshops. Hopefully, anyone and everyone whose professional life will be affected by DITA – either as a supplier or buyer of these materials – will be able to attend one of these events.”

This workshop is open to anyone, but seats are limited and will be assigned on a ‘first come first served’ basis. To attend, go to the Information Energy subscription page and subscribe.

Specific, full day, DITA workshops relating to specific industries or sectors may also be organised by eXact learning professionals on a bespoke basis, subject to request.

For further details on eXact learning solutions visit

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