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Survey on usability of XML editors

by Wim on March 22nd, 2014

NLDITA will soon start a survey on the use of editors for creating structured information. Focus is usability and user experience. The survey will be carried out in two parts.

Part1: survey on the use of editors in general. This survey is aimed both at professional writers and occasional writers who are creating structured content but may or may not have any knowledge of XML, DITA, DocBook, IMAP or other schemas. If you work with SME’s this will be a chance to get feedback from them on the tools they have to use.

Part2: a more in depth survey for users of DITA editors or similar topic based content creation tools. This part of the survey is aimed at professional writers but we also would like to get feedback from occasional contributors in DITA based environments. At the same time we encourage information architects, project managers, consultants or other in charge of implementing topic based writing to pass on this questionnaire to the people who are not (yet) involved but should be on the long or short term.

NLDITA will share all outcome with the community. It will be published on the website ( and will be presented on several upcoming conferences both in Europe and in the US.

Part 1 of this survey will take off first week of april.

If you would like to participate or get an invitation to pass on the questionnaire please apply by using the form at

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