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Information Energy 2015 – content as a service

by Wim on December 9th, 2014

… how to turn (big) data into information and information into knowledge …

We are living in the information age. Information is all around us. You are a professional involved in providing information or delivering means to others to let them provide information.

Join us at the upcoming Information Energy conference to share your vision, show your use case and connect with other front runners of the information era.

We all work with content

To turn content into information it needs to be

  • created
  • managed
  • reworked
  • converted
  • translated
  • formatted
  • styled
  • published
  • consumed
  • gathered
  • assembled
  • secured
  • transfered
  • governed
  • traceable
  • understandable
  • readable
  • dynamic

If your work involves one or more of those, make sure to join Information Energy. You will be part of an international audience of information and content professionals.

Information Energy attracts people working with content professionally in many ways. All looking for solutions and sharing experiences with eachother. They work in education, user support, marketing, government, commercial publishing and many other areas.

Content is important and everywhere. To turn content into usable information your work, your solutions and your knowledge are valuable assets.

Information energy 2015 theme is: content as a service.

IEn2015 is a two day event. First day is a conference day with speakers and visitors coming from whole of Europe and abroad. Second day is Tools Day where solution providers are invited to present and all attendees are invited to participate in forums and general sessions.

Early bird will open soon, for now leave a message at the Infomedians page of Information Energy and subscribe for our newsletter.


Hope to see you at IEn2105 in Utrecht,


Wim Hooghwinkel

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