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DITA in One Day

by Wim on December 10th, 2015

If you have a zero experience with DITA, but want to get started quickly, join us at the DITA in One Day training. This is an intensive full-day workshop packed with practical information and valuable advices that you can start using right away. By the end of the training day, you’ll be able to author and publish DITA content, as well as implement basic single-sourcing techniques in DITA.

No date set yet for 2016 – send a mail to for information about pricing and availability

But you get not just the knowledge. To let you start using the concepts you learned in practice, each attendee receives a FREE DITA tool package that includes:

  • DITAToo DITA CMS with free 6-month support

Session I. Introducing DITA

  •  Why DITA: understanding business challenges of traditional approaches to creating technical documentation.
  •  How DITA is different: understanding DITA essentials.
  •  Understanding DITA tools.

Session II. Authoring in DITA

  • Understanding the user interface of the DITA editor.
  • Creating DITA topics and learning Concept, Task, and Reference elements.
  • Arranging topics into DITA maps.
  • Reusing content on the level of content within a topic, on the level of topic, and on the level of map.

Session III. Publishing

  • Producing output formats (PDF, HTML, CHM etc.).
  • Understanding customization of output formats.

Session IV. Single Sourcing with DITA

  • Single source techniques overview.
  • Conditionalizing content in a topic.
  • Reusing a topic across multiple DITA maps.
  • Reusing DITA maps.
  • Filtering conditional content and conditional publishing.

Session V. Linking in DITA

  • Linking methods.
  • Using variables in DITA.
  • Using cross-references in DITA and handling cross-references between topics.

Session VI. Summary of the Day.

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