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Let’s shape the future of information!

by Wim on March 24th, 2017

The future of information is a common business interest for technical documentation, marketing, business, product and information managers. Content will not only be shared across the organization, it will be available for everyone, anywhere, for any machine and at any time.

This will have huge implications for all professionals in the information domain – that’s why we meet at IEn2017, May 17-18 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Technology developments on all levels, from basic tools for hands on content production and automation to high tech systems for fast processing and analysing, feed the rise of intelligent information. We don’t have to worry about technology itself. But we may have concerns about the use of it, about where the technology driven solutions come into our daily life and change our work as content developers or information brokers. The question is: are we just brokers? There’s an old phrase saying: ‘if you can’t beat them join them!’ – and that’s just what we need to do. ‘We’ meaning all information professionals, technical writers, content strategists, language professionals, communicators. Join in and let’s shape the future of information!

Information Energy does an appeal to dedicated and passionate communication professionals to stand up and take part in shaping the future of information

Together we can make this future tangible. Don’t wait for others to decide where we go. Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 (IoT) developments may be dominated by programmers, marketers, business managers – where do communicators fit in? We better not just wait and react but take the forefront and use our skills and knowledge to help shaping the digital future.

Information 4.0

To guide you into the age of IoT, we invited Information 4.0 pioneers Ray Gallon and Andy McDonald. In joint conversations and workshops they will make an attempt to define the next steps we need to take, as a follow up on IEn2016, where we introduced Information 4.0, and tcworld 2016 as well as Documation 2017 where we further dived into this subject. We’ll go the content strategy journey with Marie Girard and talk about contextualisation and conversational technology with Samuel Roy.

This year we introduce the concept of in4zero – converging ethical and philosophical concerns with technology and business aspects of this new age and define ways to make it really tangible, manageable and applicable in production.

Getting hit by a bus or driving it?

While we are getting up-to-speed on Information 4.0, “the next big thing” is brewing. How do we keep up — or at least not get too far behind? Andrea Ames will share with you her perspective on the possibilities of Information 4.0 and why you should care, how to make the most of the knowledge that awaits you in the Information 4.0 sessions of IEn2017 and how to approach this learning opportunity for staying strategic today, tomorrow, and beyond.

IEn2017 is May 17-18 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Registration is open, early bird ends April 12: Register now!

Cu in Utrecht!


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