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Mastering Your Documentation using DITA

by Wim on April 12th, 2017

How to Effectively Organize and Manage Projects, Versions, and Translations

Together with partner Intuilllion, iDTP presents a special training for managing DITA projects. We did this training in 2015 and 2016 and received great responses.


Date: May 19, 2017
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Costs: €550, incl. lunch.

Apply now: Yes! I will be there!.


This 1-day course is intended for those technical communicators who are already familiar with DITA or are in the process of starting with DITA and want to improve their efficiency in organizing and managing DITA content.

By the end of the training day, you will be able to:

  • Identify the most effective ways to organize your content in maps
  • Use keyref’s and conkeyref’s to manage variable content
  • Understand which method should be used in each particular case
  • Build a version control strategy
  • Organize source and translated projects

The course assumes that you are more or less familiar with DITA.


  1. Organizing topics into maps:
    • What a DITA map represents
    • Keeping everything in a single map vs. creating a separate map per deliverable
  2. Swapping variable values
  3. Handling content variations:
    • When conditional content is not effective: alternatives to conditional content
    • Swapping product-specific images
    • Swapping product-specific content
  4. Managing versions:
    • Version control strategies
    • Version control tools
    • What version control can and cannot do. Version control vs. content management system
    • Using baselines to control releases
  5. Translating DITA content:
    • Organizing the source and translated content without a content management system
    • Organizing non-localizable content
    • Using baselines for translations
    • Using keyref’s for managing localizable strings (e.g., user interface labels)

Costs of the training: €550 per participant. This is including lunch and refreshments. Group discount available, please call.

For more information: Send mail to iDTP.


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