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Masterclass Content Automation for Practitioners

by Wim on June 21st, 2017

iDTP and partner Intuillion organise a masterclass content automation in practice. Date will be set, location is Utrecht. The masterclass will be conducted by Mikhail Ostrogorskij. Course language is English.

This Masterclass goes on when there’s sufficient interest – so please apply and mention your preferred dates!

Developing Intelligent Content Transformations Using CPM Framework

Having content in a structured format, like XML, or in Excel, opens virtually unlimited possibilities for creating solutions for automated content assembly, content generation, and content aggregation.


  • An entire documentation set can be automatically assembled from individual stand-alone pieces of information based on a BOM (bill of materials)
  • Preventive maintenance schedule can be generated automatically based on individual maintenance procedures
  • Textual troubleshooting topics can be automatically converted on-the-fly to an interactive flowchart that represents the troubleshooting procedure visually
  • Pieces of information that describe components of a complex system can be dynamically transformed to a diagram that visually shows how these components interact with each other
  • Project documentation, such as requirements specifications, costs breakdown, or sales proposals, can be assembled automatically from project or product requirements
  • Fill in your own content automation needs ….

Typically, building such a solution involves a lot of programming in XSL. CPM is a development framework that provides an infrastructure and libraries that reduce the development cycle, significantly facilitate the QA and maintenance, and takes care of a lot of routine programming tasks which otherwise, you would have to do by yourself. CPM is based on XSL so if you are familiar with XSL, you can quickly and cost-effectively build a solution. CPM is not limited to DITA but can be used with any structured format or any XML or Excel source.

Watch a few examples of content automation applications build with CPM

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • Examples of real-life intelligent transformations created with the CPM framework
  • How to create and deploy a sample application for content in XML (DITA)
  • How to create and deploy a sample application for content in Excel
  • How to integrate your CPM applications with authoring tools, content management systems, and other applications

BYOL – Bring your own laptop to participate.
Prerequisite – CPM is based on XSLT. Some knowledge of basic XSLT concepts or experience with customizing DITA-OT or DocBook XSL is helpfull.

Each attendee will receive a free copy of the CPM framework.

Your trainer

Mikhail Ostrogorskij is Head of Implementation Services at Intuillion, the developers of DITAToo DITA CMS. Mikhail is leading the development of the CPM development framework that enables XSLT developers to build content automation applications quickly and cost-effectively.

Mikhail has gained his 20+ years experience in technical communication and content management by implementing documentation projects for various industries, including IT, finance, insurance, and manufacturing. He has also created a national professional standard for technical writers in Russia. Since 1997, he was involved in over 200 projects in Russia, Europe, USA, and Canada.

Mikhail is a member of tekom Europe and has a TCTrainNet first level examination certificate.

Date and place

This Masterclass will be in Utrecht. Location iDTP.

Preferred date: October 4 – and on request.

We start at 09:30 and stop around 16:30. Lunch is included.

Costs: €550 per seat. Every second person from the same company will get a 50% reduction. Ask our special rate for self employed or other low budget needs.



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