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Oct 31 16

Automated Content Assembly and Architecture Diagrams Generation

by Wim

If you are documenting a complex product that includes multiple components or you’re part of a team in which each writer is documenting a different component, the architecture diagram can be generated automatically.

From DITA topics to component overview: see the video below.
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Oct 31 16

Video: content automation with DITAToo to generate Troubleshooting flowcharts

by Wim

Having your content in a structured format, like DITA, opens virtually unlimited possibilities for content automation.

Content can be assembled automatically. Different representations of the content, like a textual description of a process or its graphical representation as an interactive flowchart, can be dynamically generated depending on the customer’s needs and context. Programming code can be automatically created from technical specs.  read more…

Oct 3 16

10 most recommended technical writing tools

by Wim

Onlangs publiceerde Ferry Vermeulen, oprichter van INSTRKTIV GmbH een infographic over de meest gebruikte tools voor technische documentatie. Dit als illustratie bij het onderzoek dat INSTRKTIV deed onder meer dan 70 techcomm professionals, technisch schrijvers en informatie designers.

Zij gaven antwoord op de vraag: Als je slechts drie tools zou kunnen gebruiken binnen je bedrijf, welke tools zouden dat zijn? read more…

Sep 23 16

Collaborating with the Team without Leaving Your Comfort Zone

by Wim

Free webinar Wednesday, October 5th, 1pm-2pm EDT/10am-11am PDT

Join Wim Hooghwinkel of iDTP and Alex Masycheff of Intuillion  at a free webinar to see how DITAToo DITA CMS allows various teams within the organization to work collaboratively while letting each team stay in the comfort of the tools they got used to. read more…

Sep 22 16

Automating Documentation Puzzles

by Wim
By Co-Founder and CEO at Intuillion Ltd. (DITAToo)

Suppose you are putting together a puzzle. Puzzle pieces are coming from different people. You don’t know who owns each piece, how many pieces exists, how to reach out the pieces, and where each piece belongs to. But somehow you figure it out, assemble all pieces together, and get a full picture. read more…

Sep 5 16

Special promotion DITAToo

by Wim

Request a DITAToo trial before October 31 and you get 45 days to try out the CMS. 

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Sep 5 16

2=3 : Special offer valid until November 1!

by Wim

Save €299 : buy three licenses for DITAToo Virtual Drive and get one extra for free!

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Sep 2 16

DITAToo Virtual Drive will make content management collaboration complete

by Wim

There’s a clever new product on the market that will make content management collaboration for dispersed teams complete: DITAToo Virtual Drive.


DITAToo Virtual Drive is an addition to the DITAToo CCMS. It gives users access to the repository content directly from Windows Explorer. And thus from any other Windows application, like your favorite DITA editor, or MSWord, Photoshop, Notepad, FrameMaker, all without the need to install a CMS connector.

Request more info or a trial version!

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Aug 26 16

XML to InDesign workflows

by Wim

Do you have XML data and require a graphic- and color-friendly application for your output? InDesign is a good choice to do that. But unfortunately InDesign has limited XML support.

Our workflows overcome these limitations, giving you automated, format-rich InDesign documents from your XML data.

We offer these services together with our partner Carmen Publishing Inc.

Please send your inquiries to! We’ll be glad to help.


Aug 22 16

Slimmer documentatie publiceren met FrameMaker

by Wim

Produceert u technische documentatie met Adobe FrameMaker of gaat u hiermee beginnen? Wilt u snel wegwijs worden in dit softwarepakket voor content authoring en de belangrijkste functies en gereedschappen leren gebruiken? Kies dan voor onze workshop FrameMaker voor technisch schrijvers.

Wanneer     : 20 & 21 september 2016
Waar          : Tiel

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